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One of the current model of learning is popular in LEARNING MODEL AND PICTURE PICTURE this model is one form of cooperative learning model. This image is suitable for learning English, Indonesian and Mathematics. But this model can be used in appropriate other subjects with the packaging and creativity of teachers.
Since the populerkan around the year 2002, the model of learning began to spread among teachers in Indonesia.
By using a specific learning model the learning becomes fun. So far only the teacher as actor in front of the class, and as if the teacher is the only source of learning.
The development of information and communication technology has such a way, where each person can get information from around the world only in the room alone with internet services, widespread publication of teachers and other resources that we do not expect.
Modern learning characterized Active, Innovative, Creative, and quality. Any model used always emphasized active learners in any learning process. Innovative each study should provide something new, different and always attract learners. And creative, each pembelajarna should lead to learners' interest to produce something or to solve a problem using the methods, techniques or methods controlled by the students themselves are derived from the learning process.
Picture And Picture model for the SMA is the most suitable for the study three subjects mentioned above, while in elementary and secondary school level almost all subjects can use this model.
Each model we must prepare well to the learning process can take place effectively, without preparation of any learning will make students become saturated. The model must also be alternated in a few meetings to PBM is not monotonous.
This learning model relies on images as a medium in the learning process. The drawings are a major factor in the learning process. So prior to the learning process the teacher has prepared an image that will appear either in the form of cards or in the form of large carta. Or if the school is using ICT in using Power Point or other software.
The steps in the PICTURE AND PICTURE is as follows:
1. Teachers convey competence to be achieved
In this step the teacher is expected to convey what the basic competencies related subjects. In this way, students can measure the extent to which that should be mastered. In addition, teachers also have to convey indicator, which reached KD indicators, so to which a predetermined KKM can be achieved by the learner.

2. Presenting the material as an introduction
Serving as an introduction to the material something very pentin, from which teachers provide learning early momentum. Success in the learning process can start from here. Because teachers can provide interesting motivation for students who are not ready. With the motivation and good technique in the provision of material will appeal to students to learn more about the material studied.

3. Teacher shows / showed the pictures of activities related to the material
In the process of presenting materials, teachers teaching students actively involved in the learning process by examining each image displayed by the teacher or by a friend. In learning English or Indonesian students can mencerikan chronology, the story or purpose of the image shown. In mathematics lesson can be drawn about the cubes, triangles or other from here can be described on the diagonal, diagonal space, high or wide area.
In Geography lessons can be shown how to process the rock. Remember that IF BE visualize why must use the words. With Picture or image we will save our energy and the students will more easily understand the material being taught.
In a further development as a teacher you can modify or replace the image with a video image or the demonstration that certain activities such as making coffee, frying tempeh and so on.

4. Teachers pointed to / call the students in turn set / sort the pictures into a logical sequence.
In this step the teacher should be able to innovate, because the direct appointment of less effective and sometimes students feel punished. One way is by lottery, so that the students felt it had to perform tasks that must be provided.
The pictures that have been requested by the students there to diurutan, created, or modified. If menyusunan bagaiaman susunananya. If you complete the picture where the image or shape, length, height or angle.
Keep in mind it should be uratan the right as examples in math to draw a diagonal space are steps that must be done properly to find the diagonal spaces.
To tell you the picture in English or Indonesian there are sequences that must be done.

5. Teacher asks the reason / rationale for the image sequence
After that invite students to find the formula, height, plot, or the demands of KD with indicators to be achieved. Ask as many roles that students and other friends to help that process of discussion in the PBM more interesting. Okelah Kalau Begitu Kata OVJ (Opera Van Java)

6. Of the reason / order of the image of teachers start instilling concepts / materials in accordance with the competencies to be achieved
In the process of discussion and reading of these images should provide the teacher emphases on what is achieved by asking other students to repeat, writing or other forms with the aim of students know that they are important in achieving KD and indicators that have been established.
Make sure that the student has mastered the established indicators.

7. Conclusion / summary
Hoo hooo's great, do not feel the learning end quickly. And it plans only 2 JP kurannggg eh. This plan only 1 sheet 3 pages so ehhhh. Go on education in Indonesia. Greetings From Us in Banyuasin.
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