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Any learning process would be interesting if well packed. As teachers we must think as marketing, bank officer, waiter hotel or shop workers. Is not that when we visited the Bank of welcome, Mr. guard opened the door and get the queue number. By the time we breakfast at the hotel if we copy the message must go out sweet sweet coffee instead of tea or coffee. Or if the shop if the service is in the service of our vehicles.
So should we teach our students is the knowledge that customers do not all have a great interest in the lessons we are teaching. Even among those who had to go there because the curriculum should be so. As teachers we will be satisfied if we teach our students to understand or fully enthusiastic in participating in the learning process.
One way to attract the learning process is to use the model. Learners we face in general a very young age, is rapidly growing and volatile. Habits of this generation is to follow the trend that is happening. This trend will be a model to imitate his life and what is the idol of each side.
Filofosi that make learning models continue to attract many berkembangan and teachers. The more we master the learning model will be our teachers and professional interest. Fee, students will ask "WHY ARE YOU AA, MOM ii absent YES, KANGEN DEH" but we just did not go to class. Or at the time of his students learning forward because he wanted to close us because already with us and of course our subjects. Killer impression of teachers in the teacher must jauhhhh professional.
One needs to be done is to use a learning model, the model of the process of shared learning. Owned by students and teachers have, there should be a shift in paradigm that teachers are not the only source of knowledge that controls all the sciences. Involve them, according to Quantum Teaching "We Bring the World to the World They are, and bring them into the world of Our World".
The model is interesting that one of them is CLT (Creative Effective Active Learning and Fun) and develop further into PAIKEM (Creative Innovative Active Learning Effective and Fun). Although this model than other models and techniques have a way of implementing a very broad, this model requires that teachers always do 4 or five actions (Active, Creative, Innovative and Exciting)
Active: Learning should involve students directly, students are invited to work directly in the learning process. Thus, students feel an integral part of the process pembejaran. Learning must be a good activity of the teacher and the students. In the students' learning should be more active than the teacher. Here the role requires teachers to engage students to find materials, read, express opinions, argue or infer the learning according to their abilities. Each student has the means and techniques unique to learn something, so that we can not memaksanakan in only one way. Teachers should always try to have all students immerse themselves in the learning process at that time.
Indicators can be seen from the active involvement of students in the learning process, how their activities do matter, do the practice, express their opinions. Active is also marked by "a lively class".
Creative: As teachers we must also provide the opportunity for our students to develop creative ideas and thoughts in accordance with their respective capabilities. Creative characterized by beragamanya ways, techniques, methods students when answering questions, discussion, take notes, how to memorize, how to create a task and so on. They should be given the opportunity to develop talents and abilities of subjects respectively. Not even use the methods or techniques that we always provide. Techniques that we give only a small Part of "donkey bridge" in order to develop learners' abilities in accordance with the wishes in accordance with the demands of KKM (exhaustiveness Minimum Criteria) or the demands of SKL (Standard completeness Graduates)
Effective: pembelajarna process should proceed in an effective, targeted means in accordance with the indicators and objectives to be achieved in the learning process. Learning must be done in accordance with the plan (RPP) which have been prepared well. On the teachers are required to make preparations and plans to study the best. Planning a good learning will menghasilankan optimal PBM. All the materials, techniques, how to, questions, has been thought about before PBM progress. At the time of PBM progress if there are new ideas that can be done better with a record of changes to be widened PBM everywhere so that the real goal to be achieved remains to.
Innovative: As teachers we must be able to present lessons in ways that are new and not a monotonous techniques. Various ways to look for and use in order to reach students and graduation KKM specified. With innovative techniques, ways, methods, models, pembelajara be interesting. Teachers must always be innovative by learning a lot from the internet, libraries, books, or other learning resources in the neighborhood to support the learning process.
Creative and Innovative basically the same, except more emphasis on innovative things that new findings may be that we do. Creative is also a variety of ways, techniques, methods, models to be able to reach teachers and KKM predetermined graduation. The more teachers experience gained then will produce more and more techniques. To be a creative teacher then the teacher should always take part in training, seminars, workshops, symposium related to learning. Use your time like that to study and implement the learning in the classroom.
Fun: Teachers should be able menciptkan learning atmosphere "festive" in the classroom. Exciting interpret some will require low cost, but not so. To make learning fun we have mempersipakannya well. For example when we teach physics, teaching about circular motion we simply use an old bottle filled with water bound with rope, open the lid and the vertical movement and horizontal. Previously ask "Is the water will spill?, Estimate the results you Collect?"
To teach about Newton's 1st law we only need an empty glass table Lay on the lips of nearly fell, hard beneath Lay still good quarto. Make your students are worried that the glass will fall. Thus, learning will be centered. Pull the paper quickly, of course students will be relieved that the glass did not fall right?.
At the time learning about the roots upside Biology and fibrous roots, we do not need to create or display a picture of the roots on the board. However, they bring to the garden to the school garden, prepare the plant for a single rooted revoked and fibers., Remember not to damage the environment. From here students can immediately see the kind of root in accordance with the learning.
In Thematic learning, in elementary school we can take advantage of all that is in the class room to create activities, reasoning and thinking that they are active in learning.
Okay Deh many others, my tetepi must teach. So till here first. Go on education in Indonesia. Greetings from us at Banyuasin
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